Austria - Occult Rock/Various
A sword is drawn. The Austrian occult band Ætherleib was founded in 2019 by the members Soror Bettrus, Belá Külföldi and eintrostlosenpferd in order to channel their musical intuitions, which are guided solely by the powers, burdens and mysteries of the devil that were born into the human body and spirit. This is the Congregation for Devil Worship and Aseity. Bandcamp | Facebook

Brazil - Black Metal
From beyond the thresholds of the uncounscious, a forbidden and forgotten trumpet, sounding misshapen and sinister, echoes dissonantly. PRALAYA is the stench of poisonous fumes, the savagery of primitive rites, the geometry of the absolute void. Unorthodox Black Madness. Bandcamp | Facebook

Peru - Heavy Metal
Hyena is a band formed at the end of 2018 in Cajamarca, Peru. As a resemblance with the animal where they have taken its name, their music is savage and lethal. Heavy metal strongly rooted in the origins of the genre. BandcampFacebook | Instagram

Brazil - Black/Thrash Metal