Sunday, February 28, 2021

OUT NOW! BLASPHEMANIAC (Brazil) - The Call of the Black Goat on Tape format

Unholy Speed Attack Now! BLASPHEMANIAC "The Call of the Black Goat" on tape format.

Limited to 33 copies. 5-panel booklet with original lyrics, unholy photo and the manifesto of the horde in Russian, and, of course, with six poisoned metal bullets: one of which is Black Viper (Vectom cover).

The official release is February 28th, but tapes are ready and you can snatch your piece of obsessed flesh. For brazilian demons: part of the copies is reserved by the Brazilian side, sending as soon as the borders beetween Russia and Brazil are opened, contact the band for this. Stay tuned for more info.

"How Beasts in Fury
Howls and moans of pleasure and delight
Screams of blasphemies in the air
Delivered to the pleasure and blessed by Satan!"

Worldwide: 4,44 euro + shipping.
Russia and CIS: 399 руб. + доставка.

For purchase: Bandcamp, Discogs or

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