Tuesday, January 12, 2021

NEWS! Spectral Dance (Canada) "A Thousand Hells" on CD format

DEATH DEFIER PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a new full-lenght album SPECTRAL DANCE "A Thousand Hells" on CD format.

Spectral Dance is a new band formed in November of 2020. Cursed music for a cursed age! The project is a one man band and is the brainchild of Jo Steel whose been featured in many underground acts such as Ice War. This album brings back the sounds of Norway '94. While certainly not reinventing the wheel, there's a lot of magic to these songs. The album invokes greats from the golden age such as Hades or Darkthrone mixed in with some Viking Era Bathory or even Manowar. The mid pace of most songs brings some DSBM bands to mind. Don't expect an all out blasting attack, just some dark atmospheric melodies.

The release is planned for February. Follow the news!

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