Thursday, April 29, 2021

OUT NOW! Pralaya «Katabasis - Descida ao Abismo Interior Retificando a Amorfa Chama da Dissolução» on Digital format

Pralaya «Katabasis - Descida ao Abismo Interior Retificando a Amorfa Chama da Dissolução» is out in Digital format. CD and MC in near future. Stay tuned for more info and check our Bandcamp page. Active link in bio.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

OUT NOW! UNKNOWN UNNAMED ZINE Vol.1 "A Blaze in the Latin American Sky"

Our first fanzine UNKNOWN UNNAMED ZINE Vol.1 "A Blaze in the Latin American Sky" is OUT NOW!

The first issue is entirely dedicated to the Latin American scene and was named for the glory of the classics of the Norwegian Black Metal - one of the Darkthrone's albums - A Blaze in the Northern Sky.

In this issue you will find 13 interviews with bands such as: Precaria, Goatsemen, 13th Temple, Ossuario, Necromante, Pralaya, Blasphemaniac, Hyena, Aka Funeral, Tyranno, Tapias de Pilatos, Hemorrhage, Serpent Rise. And also a selection of works from two artists from Brazil who work with the extreme scene.

Thanks to Precaria for allowing us to use part of the song for this teaser. Darkness is my Light!

166 copies only.

4,99 Euro + Shipping

For purchase: Bandcamp or

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

OUT NOW! AETHERLEIB "Congregation for Devil Worship and Aseity" on Jewel CD format

 OUT NOW! AETHERLEIB "Congregation for Devil Worship and Aseity"

- CD Jewel Case
- 4 page Booklet with Lyrics
- Limited to 300 copies

"Dancing round and round this world of shit
no one to save you now - this is it."

CD = 4,44 euro + Shipping
CD + Shirt (sizes S to XL) = 13 euro + Shipping

For purchase: Bandcamp, Discogs or

Sunday, February 28, 2021

OUT NOW! BLASPHEMANIAC (Brazil) - The Call of the Black Goat on Tape format

Unholy Speed Attack Now! BLASPHEMANIAC "The Call of the Black Goat" on tape format.

Limited to 33 copies. 5-panel booklet with original lyrics, unholy photo and the manifesto of the horde in Russian, and, of course, with six poisoned metal bullets: one of which is Black Viper (Vectom cover).

The official release is February 28th, but tapes are ready and you can snatch your piece of obsessed flesh. For brazilian demons: part of the copies is reserved by the Brazilian side, sending as soon as the borders beetween Russia and Brazil are opened, contact the band for this. Stay tuned for more info.

"How Beasts in Fury
Howls and moans of pleasure and delight
Screams of blasphemies in the air
Delivered to the pleasure and blessed by Satan!"

Worldwide: 4,44 euro + shipping.
Russia and CIS: 399 руб. + доставка.

For purchase: Bandcamp, Discogs or

Sunday, February 7, 2021


New horde on the DDP's roster.

BLASPHEMANIAC from Brazil is here! Their demo "The Call of the Black Goat" will be released on February 28 in tape format and is limited to 33 copies. No pre-orders, just darkness, madness and fucking speed!

This act of primitive conceptions of the eternal and destructive evil, born of the diseased minds from the devils maniacs that make up this Horde, made with the purest hellish hatred, has the unwavering purpose  to rescue old concepts extinguished by the moralism, puritanismo and new politics shit trands that infect the Black Metal. ONLY SATANIC SUPREMACY REIGN. BLACK METAL IS FUCKING WAR AND RAVAGE!!!

More news in the near future.

Friday, February 5, 2021

NEWS! A new horde

Another new release for February will be announced soon. The blasphemy of primitive enchantments will be materialized on tapes.

Only to those who feel the ancient essence of the immortal wicked Metal of Satan. To the weak hearted and those who consolidate with our enemies: DIE BASTARD SCUM!

Stay tuned for more info.

Monday, January 18, 2021

NEWS! HYENA (Peru) "Live At Sanctuary" on CD format

To be released on April 2021 via DEATH DEFIER PRODUCTIONS.

HYENA is a band formed at the end of 2018 in Cajamarca, Peru. As a resemblance with the animal where they have taken its name, their music is savage and lethal. Heavy metal strongly rooted in the origins of the genre.

Despite being new in the metal scene, until the date Hyena, has three productions: demo tape 'First Strike', 'Bite of Heavy Metal' EP and the split album 'Bite of Steel' with the Peruvian band Mandrágora.

In less than two years of activity, Hyena has gotten the attention from national and international media. This has taken them to gig outside their native city to Lima, Chimbote and Huancayo; and sharing stage with acts like Stonehead, Blizzard Hunter, Belzec, Sign of the Jackal, Skull Fist and Tyrant.

Stay tuned for more info! Support Real Underground!

Friday, January 15, 2021

Important shipping information

We work during a pandemic, but there is large number of countries where post service works poorly or does not work at all due to COVID-19. You can find the list here (link below). If you do not know Russian, you can always email me and ask about the possibility of delivery.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

NEWS! ÆTHERLEIB (Austria) "Congregation for Devil Worship and Aseity" on CD format

A year after the first physical incarnation, this EP returns on CD format. To be released on March 2021 via DEATH DEFIER PRODUCTIONS.

A sword is drawn. The Austrian occult band Ætherleib was founded in 2019 by the members Soror Bettrus, Belá Külföldi and eintrostlosenpferd in order to channel their musical intuitions, which are guided solely by the powers, burdens and mysteries of the devil that were born into the human body and spirit. This is the Congregation for Devil Worship and Aseity.

"Mighty and erect is this Will of mine, this Pyramid of fire whose summit is lost in Heaven. Upon it have I burned the corpse of my desires."